40 CAE Members Received the 2017 National Science & Technolo2018-01-17
China launches world’s largest genome-wide project2018-01-08
China's first bio-safety level 4 lab put into operation2018-01-08
Rail system to grow by 4,000 km in 20182018-01-03
China's Kuaizhou-11 rocket scheduled to launch in first half2018-01-02
China launches world's largest human genome research project2018-01-02
Renewable energy efficiency to improve2017-12-28
Nobel laureates "strike gold" in Shenzhen2017-12-28
China unveils its first civil-military cybersecurity innovat2017-12-28
World’s first solar panel highway debuts in Shandong2017-12-28
China launches remote sensing satellites, boosts space indus2017-12-27
China Focus: China's first domestic large amphibious aircraf2017-12-27
10 satellites planned for Hainan project2017-12-21
China solicits messages to be sent to moon2017-12-21
China Focus: Satellite launch center increases international2017-12-20
China's biotech industry output to exceed 1.21 trillion doll2017-12-20
China to build world’s biggest commercial drone2017-12-19
Beijing gives green light for self-driving car road tests2017-12-19
China's endeavor to build clean, beautiful country contribut2017-12-18
China unveils world's fastest unmanned surface vehicle2017-12-18
China contributes most to the world’s disaster research pap2017-12-15
China to boost competitiveness in AI2017-12-15
China responds to U.S. "back to the moon" plan2017-12-13
Yearender-China Focus: From follower to leader: China emerge2017-12-13
China invests 4 bln yuan in ITER project in decade2017-11-29