Year 2017
New Members Elected in 2017

The election of new members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) in 2017 was formally launched at the beginning of the year. Through the two channels of nomination - academic groups’ nomination through China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and CAE members’ nomination, a total of 533 valid candidates were nominated. From June 4 to 10, the first round of assessment meeting was held and 205 candidates who can enter the second round of assessment were elected. After the completion of the first round of assessment meeting, according to the relevant provisions, the materials of the candidates were open to public for checking and reviewing. Investigation of complaints were carried out. From October 30 to November 3, the second round of assessment and election meetings was held. After the election of various academic divisions and the final election on the general meeting of all the members, 67 members were newly elected. Meanwhile, a total of 18 foreign experts were elected as foreign members of CAE.

After the election of this year, the age composition, academic subject coverage and geographical distribution of CAE members are further improved, which will be propitious to give more sufficient play to the role of CAE members, promote the development of engineering technology in our country and encourage the growth of outstanding talents. The increasing of foreign members will promote the international exchanges and cooperation of CAE, enhance its influence, and contribute to the building of a world-class academy of engineering.

CAE further improved and strengthened its related work in the election of members in 2017.

Further strengthen the Party's leadership in the election. The Party Group of CAE attached great importance to the work of election. It strictly reviewed the eligibility in accordance with the laws and regulations under the requirements of the Central Inspection Group. At the beginning of the election, it sent a letter to all members in the name of the Party Group, asking the members to resolutely resist all improper and irregular behaviors and create a fair and equitable environment. After the convening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Group organized study through the Governing Board and the members’ general assembly in a timely manner. In order to further strengthen its leadership over the election and implement the related work of improving and perfecting the member system, the Party Group of CAE set up a leading group for the election of members in August 2017. During the process of election, the leading group of the election of members held meetings on a number of occasions to conduct research on complaints investigation and handling of candidates for discipline violations, and put forward guiding idea. According to the opinions of the Central Inspection Group, it amended the Measures for Handling Complaint Letter on Election of Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering. In accordance with the Party's spirit of overall strict self-governance and "discipline before the law and stricter than the law", the Supplementary Provisions on Measures for Handling Violations of Disciplines in the Election of Members of Chinese Academy of Engineering to strengthen and standardize the handling of disciplinary violations and other issues of the candidates and continuously improve the legalization of the work of the election of members.

Further highlight the academic integrity and personal conducts. Pay special attention to the academic integrity, personal conducts, and other political and economic issues of the candidates and treat them seriously. Two candidates were suspended and related academic divisions were notified of the misconducts of three candidates. It is generally reflected by the members that these measures have a very positive significance for establishing a correct orientation.

Further optimize the working mechanism of election. The "dual-channel" nomination is adopted to allow candidates to be nominated by members as well as academic societies. It stabilizes and supports the academic societies’ nomination channels and gives full play to the complementary roles of the two nomination channels. CAE implements classified investigation mechanism, conscientiously sorts out the complaints on academic integrity and complaints related to politics and economy, moral character and other aspects, and puts forward scientific and rational handling suggestions accordingly.

CAE will continue to study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, further consolidate and deepen the achievements made in improving and perfecting the member system, strive to strengthen the member team, and drive forward the scientific development of the cause of engineering science and technology in our country, so as to make new and greater contributions to promoting the strategy of strengthening the nation by exploiting talent resources, boosting development through innovation.

(Excerpt and translated from CAE News Release, November 27, 2017)


List of new elected members of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2017