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China contributes most to the world’s disaster research papers: report

China contributes the most to the world’s disaster research papers, according to a report released by the global information analytics business Elsevier on Dec. 13, China News reported.

About 27,000 papers on disaster science were published from 2012 to 2016, a quarter of which by China.

Disaster science involves research into all stages of disaster management, types of disaster, and certain disaster events.

The report also pointed out that the disaster papers attach importance to major disasters happening in certain regions.

For example, China focuses mainly on climatic disasters, Japan on earthquakes and tsunamis, the U.S. on meteorological and biological disasters, and Brazil and India on environmental disasters.

In addition, researchers call for strengthening international cooperation in research to reduce the risks and impact of disasters, as many countries in the world with relatively weak research abilities, including Haiti, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka, often suffer from natural disasters.

(Source: People's Daily Online, December 14, 2017)