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40 CAE Members Received the 2017 National Science & Technology Awards

40 CAE Members Received the 2017 National Science & Technolo

Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, issued the certificates of the 2017 Highest National Award of Science and Technology to CAE Member Wang Zeshan (Right) of Nanjing University of Science & Technology and CAE Member Hou Yunde (Left) of National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Photo: Ju Peng, Xinhua Reporter


The CPC Central Committee and the State Council held the National Science and Technology Award Conference in Beijing on the morning of January 8. Party and state leaders Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Gaoli and Wang Huning attended the conference and presented the awards.

271 projects and 9 scientific and technological professionals were covered by the 2017 National Science and Technology Awards. In specific, 2 persons received the Highest National Award of Science and Technology. The National Natural Science Award registered 35 prizes, including 2 first prizes and 33 second prizes. The National Technological Invention Award registered 66 prizes, including 4 first prizes and 62 second prizes. The National Award for Progress in Science and Technology registered 170 prizes, including 3 special prizes, 21 first prizes (inc. 3 prizes of innovation teams) and 146 second prizes. 7 foreign scientific and technological professionals received the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award of the People’s Republic of China. CAE Members Wang Zeshan and Hou Yunde received the Highest National Award of Science and Technology, and award-winners also included another 38 CAE members such as Cen Kefa and Li Licheng.

(Source: Chinese Academy of Engineering, January 10, 2018)