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Progress of the Comparative Study on Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Systems in China, France and Other Developed Countries

  • Published: Mar 15, 2021
  • Source: CAE
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The project was officially launched in early 2019 and lasts for 2.5 years. It has organized domestic experts to carry out many discussions, and completed research in countries with different clinical characteristics for tuberculosis such as France, Germany, and Russia, and covers 15 research institutions, universities and hospitals. On the basis of research, it co-hosted the “2019 Sino-French Tuberculosis Forum” with the French Académie des Sciences and the French National Academy of Engineering, and conducted comparative studies on national policies and systems for tuberculosis prevention and control, discussed the progress of tuberculosis monitoring, diagnosis and treatment technologies, and put forward solutions and suggestions. In the end, the “China-France consensus on the action to end tuberculosis” was reached, laying the foundation for the final formation of the “China-France tuberculosis report”.