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Green Agriculture and Science and Technology Innovation forum held in Nanjing


Sep 13, 2022 -Sep 14, 2022



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The academic forum on "Green Agriculture and Science and Technology Innovation" was held in Nanjing on September 13 and 14, 2022.


The forum was hosted by the Agriculture Division of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and organized by Jiangsu University and other organizations.


Over 120 people participated in the academic forum, including CAE members and those from the university, the National Innovation Centre for Agri-tech (Nanjing), the National Agricultural Hi-tech Industries Demonstration Zone (Nanjing), the Jiangsu Intelligent Agricultural Equipment Industry Association, and Nongxin (Nanjing) Smart Agriculture Research Institute.


In the forum, CAE members presented academic reports, and the participating experts had a lively discussion on advanced science and technology, equipment and management ideas associated with green agriculture. They also shared their opinions and suggestions to promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.


The forum comprehensively summarized new theories, technologies, and development models for the high-quality growth of green agriculture. Its success helped strengthen the strategic forces in agricultural S&T, promote research breakthroughs, and accelerate technical progress and innovation-driven development.