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2012 International Bridge & Tunnel Technology Congress Held in Shanghai

  • Published: Sep 25, 2012
  • Source: CAE
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The 2012 International Bridge & Tunnel Technology Congress, jointly-sponsored by the Division of Civil, Hydraulic and Architecture Engineering, CAE, the China Civil Engineering Society (CCES) as well as the Shanghai Municipal Civil Engineering Society, and organized by the Wintime Information Science and Technology Corporation Limited, was held in Shanghai from August 2 to 3, 2012. A total of more than 300 domestic and foreign experts, scholars, engineers, project managers, planning and construction organizations, materials and equipments suppliers, attended the congress. Over 40 high-quality academic reports focused on issues like the new international trends in this field, construction difficulties for super long and big bridges and tunnels, disaster control, risk management were given, followed by heated discussions.

CAE Members Sun Jun, Lin Yuanpei and Hou Baorong attended the congress and gave lectures entitled “Technological Advantages and Problems of Cross-river or Cross-sea Tunnel Construction”, “Designing Concepts and Future Developments of Modern Large Span Bridges” and “Corrosion Status and Protective Countermeasures for Ocean Engineering in China” respectively.

This congress paid special attention to the latest forefront engineering practice and theories, carrying out constructive and forward-looking discussions with regard to newest technological developments in the tunnel and bridge fields from various perspectives like the design and construction processes, operation, maintenance, equipments as well as materials. Bridge and tunnel engineers not only shared research findings and achievements in their own fields, but also were given great opportunities to learn from newest technologies adopted by others, through which experts at home and abroad could learn from each other and join hands for development in the future. (By Tang Haiying and Zhao Qian, August 2012; translated by Liu Chang)