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Delegation of ASEAN Academy of Engineering Visited Shanghai

  • Published: Oct 17, 2010
  • Source: CAE
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Mr. Datuk Hong Lee Pee, President of ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Academy of Engineering, led a delegation to Shanghai for a visit lately. CAE Member Yang Shengli, also the Executive Center of Shanghai Academician Center, CAE Member Wen Yumei, also an expert on hepatitis B virus, CAE Member Wei Dunshan, also an architectural design expert, met with the delegation and exchanged ideas on various topics. The ASEAN Academy of Engineering was founded officially in 2007, which has been committed to enhancing scientific and technological exchanges between the ASEAN countries ever since. The ASEAN Academy of Engineering currently has its members all over the ten member countries of ASEAN and has been playing significant role in the science & technology world and business world for ASEAN countries. President Hong said that although the ASEAN Academy of Engineering was established not long ago, it had carried out extensive exchanges and collaboration with many major engineering institutes in the world. Hong also gave special thanks to CAE for its support, pointing out that both sides have already conducted academic researches and discussion in the field of medical health. Hong said that his delegation came to pay Shanghai a visit this time with the clear purpose of building up closer ties and strengthening its cooperation with the Shanghai engineering world via CAE. CAE Member Yang Shengli extended warm welcome to the visiting delegates on behalf of CAE Shanghai Center, claiming that Shanghai is quite rich in academic resources and Shanghai Academician Center is willing to help promote the collaboration between the ASEAN countries and the Shanghai engineering world, thus propel the regional economic development in both areas. Shanghai Academician Center also arranged a World Expo tour for the delegates, who then were greatly impressed by the glamorous display of EXPO science and technology.

(By Wang Yang, September 2010; translated by Liu Chang)