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The Sixth International Conference on Clean Energy Technology Held in Zhejiang Province

  • Published: Dec 30, 2010
  • Source: CAE
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Energy shortage has become a serious issue and challenge facing the world, and how to solve this problem through the development of clean energy, and adjustment & optimization of the energy structure, requires the wisdom of all human beings in order to find out the counter-measures. The Sixth International Conference on Clean Energy Technology, co-organized by Shanghai Jiaotong University, Japan Electric Power Research Institute, Korea Electric Power Research Institute and the Shanghai Academician Center jointly, was held in Longyou, Zhejiang Province on November 15, 2010, with the goals set on strengthening the energy cooperation among East Asian countries and striving to explore a development path of clean energy suitable for Asian countries.

Close to one hundred energy experts coming from China, Japan and Korea enjoyed in-depth exchanges of views as to the research achievements and frontier technology in the area of clean energy. CAE Member Weng Shilie, also the Director of Shanghai Academician Center, gave a keynote presentation on the clean energy development path for China. The convening of this international conference helped to set up a platform for scholars in East Asian countries to discuss where new energy technology is going, and to vigorously promote new concepts in energy utilization and management. The conference also helped East Asian countries to make more contributions to safeguard the regional and global energy security through enhanced international cooperation and technological exchanges. (By Wang Yang, December 2010; translated by Liu Chang)