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The Fourth Meeting and Expert Consultation Meeting of the Academic Committee of the Tianjin Institute of Chinese Engineering Development Strategies Held

  • Published: Jan 16, 2021
  • Source: CAE
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The fourth meeting and expert consultation meeting of the Academic Committee of the Tianjin Institute of Chinese Engineering Development Strategies (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin Institute”) was held on January 15, 2021. CAE Member Lu Xicheng, also the Director of the Academic Committee of the Tianjin Institute, presided over the project review and consultation meeting, with a total of 30 CAE and CAS Members attending this meeting.


The proposed consulting research project in 2021 was reviewed and the completion of the project in 2018 was reported in the meeting. CAE Members and members of the Tianjin Institute at the meeting discussed the future of engineering sciences and technology around the strategic research and consulting project of the Tianjin Institute, and offered suggestions for the high-quality development of Tianjin.


The meeting required the Tianjin Institute to strictly follow the development plan of “highlighting Tianjin characteristics, accomplishing strategic research, and building high-end platforms”, elaborated a work system of “small core, large network”, and continued to strengthen close cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tianjin and Binhai New Area, so as to make sure that the quality and effectiveness of the strategic research and consulting work are continuously improved.


The Tianjin Institute will pay more attention to the strategic positioning and the industrial needs in the next consulting and research work, grasp the priority of the guidance and the project topic selection, and do a good job in project organization. In addition, the strategic consulting will be regarded as a link to leverage the advantages of cross-industry, cross-sector and cross-discipline research of CAE members and pool CAE Member resources, thus giving full play to the intellectual supporting role of engineering science and technology think tanks and CAE Members as a group.