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Research on transition from poverty alleviation to rural vitalization concluded in Beijing

  • Published: Mar 26, 2022
  • Source: CAE
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The concluding meeting for the Poverty Alleviation Strategy after 2020 – A Study on Effective Transition from Poverty Alleviation to Rural Revitalization, a major strategic research and consulting project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was held in an online-offline hybrid session on February 26, 2022. 


The project team gave individual reports on the topics of public health, industry, the environment and social security guarantees in rural areas along with a comprehensive project report. 


The review panel evaluated the project report and related materials with sufficient inquiry and discussion. The panel concluded that the project team had analyzed the situation and problems in consolidating and expanding achievements in poverty alleviation while proposing general ideas, basic principles and key pathways to effectively transit to rural revitalization. It systematically sorted out and explored the major areas and key measures for policy alignment and innovation. Adhering to the key goal of forestalling a large-scale reemergence of poverty, the project team conducted field research in poverty-stricken areas in Guizhou, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang, Hubei and other provinces and regions, then compiled policy recommendations. 


The project had a complete research system, adequate research, rich information and highly innovative and forward-looking results. It proposes targeted and feasible policy recommendations that serve as a valuable reference for decision makers. The project met the intended objectives and used project funds in an appropriate manner. On that basis, the review panel agreed to approve the project’s conclusion and acceptance.