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Name Elected in Nationality Specialized Area
Pierre Tiollais 1998 France Molecular Biology of Genes, Hepatitis B
Ponisseril Somasundaran 1998 USA Mineral Processing, Colloid and Interface
V. N. Pochukaev 1998 Russia Astrodynamics
Bernard Roizman, Sc. D. 2000 USA Molecular Biology and Oncology
Man-Chung Tang 2000 USA Civil Engineering
William Geraint Price 2000 UK Ship Engineering, Ship Mechanics
Yu-Chi Ho 2000 USA Automatic Control Theory and Engineering
Jacques P. Caen 2001 France Medicine (Hematology)
K. S. E. Forssberg 2001 Sweden Mineral Processing
Akira Fujishima 2003 Japan Photoelectrochemistry
David D. Ho 2003 USA Clinical Virology
Alec Broers 2005 UK Electronics
Chain-Tsuan Liu 2005 USA Materials Science and Engineering
Satoshi Omura, Ph.D. 2005 Japan Pharmacy
Yuri V. Gulyaey 2005 Russia Information and Electronics
Norden E Huang 2007 USA Data Analysis, Physical Oceanography
Odd Magnus Faltinsen 2007 Norway Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
Way Kuo 2007 USA Industrial Engineering (System Reliability)
Henry T.Yang 2009 USA Aerospace
Liang-Shih Fan 2009 USA Chemical Engineering
Raj Reddy 2009 USA Computer Science
Surendra P.Shah 2009 USA Civil Engineering, Materials Science, Structural Engineering
Barry J. Marshall 2011 Australia Clinical Microbiology
Edward F. Crawley 2011 USA Aerospace
Frieder Seible 2011 USA, Germany Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering Disaster Resistance and Protection Engineering
Harvey Vernon Fineberg 2011 USA Public Health Policy
Jeffrey Wadsworth 2011 USA Materials Science and Engineering
Koizumi Hideaki 2011 Japan Engineering, Physics, Neuroscience
Ching-Ping Wong 2013 USA Electronic Packaging Materials
Cun-Yu Wang 2013 USA Stomatology, Molecular Signaling and Translational Medicine
Fred C. Lee 2013 USA Electrical Engineering
John Charles Crittenden 2013 USA Environmental Engineering
Preben Terndrup Pedersen 2013 Danmark Machinery and Transportation
Robin Batterham 2013 Australia Chemical Engineering
Arogyaswami J. Paulraj 2015 USA Wireless Communication Electronic Engineering
C. D. Mote, Jr 2015 USA Mechanical Engineering
Cato T. Laurencin 2015 USA Chemical and Materials Engineering, Orthopedics
Ching-Hon Pui 2015 USA Life Sciences Pediatric Cancer
Herbert A. Mang 2015 Austria Structural Engineering and Computational Mechanics
Ian David Cluckie 2015 USA Civil engineering (hydrology, water resources and flood control)
Ralph T. Yang 2015 USA Environmental Engineering
Wenyuan Li 2015 Canada Electrical Engineering
Ahsan Kareem 2017 USA Civil Engineering
Aibing Yu 2017 Australia Chemical, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
Bill Gates 2017 USA Information and Energy Engineering Management
Dame Ann Dowling 2017 United Kingdom Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering
Donald Grierson 2017 United Kingdom Biology
Kai Li 2017 USA Computer Science
Leo Rafael Reif 2017 USA Electrical Engineering (Semiconductor)
Menachem Elimelech 2017 USA Environmental Engineering
Michael R. Hoffmann 2017 USA Environmental Science and Engineering
Min Gu 2017 Australia Optical Engineering
Nicholas A. Peppas 2017 USA Biomaterials, Chemical Engineering
Nicholas Robert Lemoine 2017 United Kingdom Medicine
Shixin Jack Hu 2017 USA Machinery and Transportation Engineering
Solntsev Konstantin Aleksandrovich 2017 Russia Materials Science
Stephen P. Boyd 2017 USA Computer Science
Tamura Yukio 2017 Japan Civil Engineering
Webster Cavenee 2017 USA Oncology
Yiu-Wing Mai 2017 Australia Engineering Mechanics
Anjan Bose 2019 United States Electric Power System
BRENT EUAN CLOTHIER 2019 New Zealand Agricultural Water and Soil Engineering
Bruce Ernest Logan 2019 United States Environmental Engineering
COUTURIER Daniel René 2019 France Gastroenterology
David Allan Weitz 2019 Canada Material Preparation Engineering
Enrique Jose Lavernia 2019 United States Materials Science and Engineering
Felix Dapare Dakora 2019 South Africa Agricultural Chemistry and Symbiotic Plant
Glen T. Daigger 2019 United States Water Treatment Technology and Engineering
Henning Kagermann 2019 Germany Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Engineering Management
Hiroshi AMANO 2019 Japan Engineering/Semiconductor Engineering
Jens Nielsen 2019 Denmark Biochemical Engineering, Metabolic Engineering, Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology
Jingsheng Jason Cong 2019 United States Computer Science
John Loughhead 2019 United Kingdom Energy System, Thermal Engineering
Junuthula Narasimha REDDY 2019 United States Engineering Mechanics
Leif Andersson 2019 Sweden Animal Husbandry
Marinus Cornelis Maria van Loosdrecht 2019 Netherlands Environmental Engineering
Michael Hood 2019 Australia Mining Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
Petr Glybochko 2019 Russia Urology
Philip Withers 2019 United Kingdom Materials Science and Engineering
PYS'MENNY VOLOFYMYR 2019 Ukraine Aeroengine
Roger Alexander Falconer 2019 United Kingdom Water Environment and Flood Control
Sébastien CANDEL 2019 France Aviation Science, Energy
Torgeir Moan 2019 Norway Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Civil Engineering
Vigor Yang 2019 United States Aerospace Engineering
Vitor J Dzau 2019 United States Cardiovascular and Genetics
Xuemin Shen 2019 Canada Wireless Communication Engineering
Yahya Rahmat-Samii 2019 United States Electronic Engineering
Yihai Cao 2019 Sweden Medicine, Oncology, Angiogenesis, Obesity Diabetes
Antonios G. Mikos 2021 USA Chemical Engineering; Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
Billie Floyd Spencer, Jr. 2021 USA Civil Engineering
Chen Zhangxing 2021 USA Oil and Gas Engineering
Chul B Caleb Park 2021 Canada Plastic Foam Processing
DIMITRI E. BESKOS 2021 Greece Civil Engineering
Fatih BIROL 2021 Turkey Energy Engineering and Ecnomics
GUIDO KROEMER 2021 Austria Medicine
Hua Zhao 2021 UK Engines and Fuels
Kaushik Rajashekara 2021 USA Transportation Electrification; Power & Energy
Otto Heinrich Herzog 2021 Germany Computer Science; Artificial Intelligence
Pedro Jose Alvarez 2021 USA Environmental Engineering
ROBERT SAMUEL LANGER 2021 USA Chemical Engineering; Drug Delivery Systems
Shu Chien 2021 USA Bioengineering
SUN XUELIANG 2021 Canada Energy Materials
Tom Luo 2021 Canada Optimization Methods for Big Data Analytics; Complexity and Computational Issues Arising from Signal Processing; Digital Communication
Ton Bisseling 2021 Netherlands Molecule Biology
Ya-Qin Zhang 2021 USA AI; Digital Media; Autonomous Driving; Cloud Computing
Yu Sun 2021 Canada Mechanical Engineering; Robotics and Systems
Zhanfeng Cui 2021 UK Chemical Engineering
Zhenghe Xu 2021 Canada Mineral Processing