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The Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) is the highest honorary and advisory academic institution in the nation’s fields of engineering sciences and technology. It is dedicated to uniting outstanding talents in engineering to lead innovation and development in China. The highest decision-making body in the CAE is the General Assembly, which selects new members every two years through voting. The CAE has nine academic divisions, six special committees and one general administration department. Leaders of the CAE are elected entirely by CAE Members. The current president is Li Xiaohong.


Membership with the CAE is the highest academic title in engineering sciences and technology in China, representing the highest academic level and reputation in the engineering community. The CAE sees it as the bedrock for building a high-quality and prestigious CAE Member team and strengthening the CAE Member system. To this end, we have continuously improved the composition of the membership, recruited the best talent from home and abroad, and ensured high requirements for new members. We have made active efforts to promote the scientist spirit in the new historic era, help improve the conduct and ethics in the society, and support the formation of an innovation ecosystem in the community.


One of the main duties of the CAE is to provide consultation for national decision-making. We strive to build a top think-tank that is featured by being ‘innovation-driven, reliable for the nation, trusted by society, and internationally renowned’. Focusing on economic and social needs at the national and regional levels, the CAE’s priorities are to carry out strategic, forward-looking preparatory research on major issues, conduct targeted research to support key engineering decisions, provide ad-hoc research to deal with unexpected and major events, and supply third-party evaluation of major development initiatives and S&T programs. To achieve these objectives, the CAE sets up about 150 consultation research projects every year and brings together the collective wisdom of CAE Members to support major national and regional decisions. The CAE also plays an active role in facilitating strategic research alliances and co-building regional research institutes, which will reach all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government by 2022.


Engineering sciences and technology require innovation, and innovation requires academic leading. The CAE holds around 100 academic events every year focusing on frontier issues and emerging trends in the engineering field. The academy operates a mix of publications at the highest level in China’s engineering community, or ‘1+9’, led by the main journal ‘Engineering’, ranking among the world’s top 10 comprehensive engineering journals. The academy also runs the Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize to recognize outstanding young and middle-aged experts, the highest engineering award in China. In addition, the academy also actively promotes the development of engineering education and the popularization of science among young people.


Openness holds the key to engineering sciences and technology. On behalf of the Chinese engineering community, the CAE has actively integrated into the global science and technology innovation network and organized various international exchanges. We have established solid bilateral and multilateral cooperation with engineering academies, academies of science or medicine, and other institutions in most countries of the world. To date, the CAE has signed cooperation agreements with 58 engineering academies or organizations in 42 countries. As a member of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS), the CAE hosted its convocations in 2000 and 2014, with 1,500 guests from more than 30 countries attending the latter session, in which a keynote speech was given by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The academy has also established two C2Cs (Category 2 Institutes and Centres under the auspices of UNESCO). In the future, the academy aims to expand exchanges to all existing national engineering academies in other countries as well as relevant international organizations for deeper cooperation.

The Chinese Academy of Engineering looks forward to working with global engineering science and technology organizations and professionals for win-win cooperation, building a community with a shared future for humanity and promoting the development and progress of engineering sciences and technology in the world.

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