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Aquaculture research project passes acceptance in online meeting

  • Published: Apr 27, 2022
  • Source: CAE
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An expert panel accepted the "Establishment and Application of a System for Quality Fish Seed and Farming,” a strategic research and consulting project by the Agriculture Division of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, during a meeting via video link on March 27, 2022.


Prof. Qin Qinbo from the research team gave a report to the meeting, while the expert panel reviewed the project summary report and relevant materials followed by in-depth inquiries and discussion. 


In the view of the panel, the research project has analyzed the current situation of China's aquaculture industry and its development bottlenecks based on collected data, field studies, expert discussions and extensive consultations. The team also proposed innovations in aquaculture operations through integrating efforts of governments, businesses, researchers and a robust fish seed industry that would closely link industry leaders, farms and farmers. It also advocates eco-friendly development and greater output in support of the country’s visionfor green and healthy aquaculture in the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025).


The expert panel agreed that the project includes comprehensive studies, adequate research, rich information, and original and forward-looking results. The policy recommendations are also highly goal-orientated and very valuable to decision-making. The use of funds complies with standards and the research objective has been achieved, so the project passed final acceptance, according to the panel.