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Research on edible Chinese medicinal herbs concluded in Beijing

  • Published: Jul 29, 2022
  • Source: CAE
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A hybrid online-offline session in Beijing on June 29, 2022 reviewed the research into the world's main edible Chinese medicinal herbs and their role in exchanges between the East and the West, a key consulting project by the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE).


According to a report delivered by the team, more effort is needed to support research into plants in China that are both medicinal and edible as well as clarifying the functions and safety performance of such dual-purpose plants, and establish a well-rounded approval and supervision system that fits the country’s conditions. Enhanced international exchanges and cooperation are also needed to advance the country’s strategy of a "dual circulation" development paradigm, said the report.


The experts agreed that the research has achieved fruitful results, providing a strategic development path for edible Chinese medicinal herbs.


Experts agreed that the research is systematic and adequate with rich information and forward-looking and innovative results, offering targeted and operable policy advice, thereby completing the research goals. The project passed the review.