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CAE launches research on China’s response to dementia in Beijing meeting

  • Published: Jul 19, 2023
  • Source: CAE
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A research on China’s response to dementia, a key consulting project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), was launched during an online-onsite meeting in Beijing on June 19, 2023, attracting more than 20 participants from relevant organizations and the project team.

The team introduced the research background and plan while specific research groups made reports on three aspects: cross-departmental collaboration, integrated management of solutions based on Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), and the feasibility of incorporating it into the nationwide system for chronic disease management.

CAE members and experts participating in the meeting had a full discussion of the research and put forward their suggestions.

In concluding the meeting, the project team stressed the significance of the research to realize the vision of healthy aging and pledged to further improve the research plan according to the spirit of the meeting, in order to make policy recommendations that fit with China's national conditions.