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“Sino-French Hydrogen Energy Strategic Research” Project Holds the First Expert Group Meeting

  • Published: Apr 19, 2021
  • Source: CAE
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The first expert group meeting of the Sino-French hydrogen energy strategy research project jointly organised by the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) was held via video link on April 14, 2021. Nearly ten experts including Bruno Revellin-Falcoz, Honorary President of the National Academy of Technologies of France (NATF), Marc Florette, Member of the French Academy of Technology, CAE Member Liu Zhongmin, Director of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Tian Qi, Deputy Director-General of the International Cooperation Bureau of the CAE and related personnel attended the meeting.


Bruno first gave a speech expressing his expectation to further promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation on the basis of long-term friendship. Tian introduced the background and basic situation of the project. Liu said that he is very happy to be able to jointly carry out relevant strategic research projects with CNRS. He also said that, CAE and CNRS would strengthen exchanges and mutual learning in the field of hydrogen energy, combine their own advantages, and do a good job in project implementation. The project leaders of both parties introduced their project research team and participants respectively.


Afterwards, Marc Florette, the project leader of CNRS, introduced the basic situation of the CNRS. Researcher Cai Rui introduced the basic situation and relevant research progress of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The two parties carried out in-depth discussion on the contents of the planned hydrogen energy strategy research project (hydrogen production, storage and transportation, the role of hydrogen in industrial processes and energy carriers, the characteristics, safety and production and use standards of hydrogen, the role of green hydrogen, etc.), exchanged views on the future application scenarios of hydrogen energy in various fields in China and France, determined initially the main research areas and the planned reporting framework, and agreed to hold seminars from time to time to advance project research.