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CAE’s Engineering ranks first among world’s 92 comprehensive engineering journals

  • Published: Jul 28, 2022
  • Source: CAE
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Engineering, a journal from the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), had a  Journal Impact Factor (JIF) of 12.834 last year, ranking first among the world’s 92 comprehensive engineering journals, according to the 2022 update of Clarivate’s annual Journal Citation Reports (JCR) released on June 28.


This recognition marks a great step forward toward China’s goal of publishing world-class science and technology journals.


Founded in 2015, Engineering brings to life the mission of the CAE as a leading academic institution in China, positions itself on par with well-known publications like Nature and Science, and aims to become a world-class comprehensive and trusted journal in engineering science and technology.


Engineering is committed to four orientations in developing itself into a high-end academic platform. It focuses on the frontiers of world science and technology, the major strategic needs of the country, people's life and health, and original engineering achievements with great economic and social significance and at the world’s top level. The journal covers topics including pressing global challenges, artificial intelligence, COVID-19, carbon neutrality and 6G, and leads the development of various frontier fields of engineering science and technology. With a global perspective, the journal releases the "Top 10 Global Engineering Achievements", builds a diversified service system, publishes in both Chinse and English, and guides the global community to pay attention to and support engineering.


With Engineering as the flagship journal, the CAE also has other publications in cooperation with famous domestic and foreign publishers and universities such as the Higher Education Press, the Zhejiang University Press, Tsinghua University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The publications include one comprehensive engineering journal, nine engineering frontier journals and one engineering strategic consulting journal that have a growing impact factor and form a highly influential series in the field of engineering science and technology in China.