'Blueprint' is Ready, Right Time for Rural Revitalization

  • Published: Apr 19, 2021
  • Source: CAE
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“The construction speed is really astonishing, the results of the Expo Park are really surprising, and the rural revitalization is really hopeful...” “Recall that when we conducted a survey on the 10,000-mu Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park (the original name of the project) last June, it was also here. At that time, the land was still being cleaned, and there was only sugarcane as an economic crop. The staff reported to us the development plan of the demonstration park by using the display board, which made people doubtful...” “Now the demonstration park is brimming over with vigour and vitality, and the fruits are overflowing with fragrance. The variety of the economic crops is all-encompassing, and it is dazzling and eye-opening...”