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Traditional Chinese medicine: Expert: TCM should be second barrier in fighting COVID after vaccines

  • Published: Aug 14, 2022
  • Source: CGTN
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The 5th National Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Conference has kicked off in central China's Henan Province. It focuses on the role of TCM in fighting COVID-19 and the development path of its revitalization. Participants say traditional Chinese medicine embodies the profound philosophical Chinese wisdom and the country's long experience in understanding and providing healthcare. 

ZHANG BOLI Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Head, Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine "I've proposed that traditional Chinese medicine be used as the second barrier in combating Covid. The first barrier is vaccines, and the second barrier should be traditional Chinese medicine. We must adhere to the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, which can improve the level of treatment and help prevention and control measures. Integrating Chinese and Western medicine is also an important strategy for the treatment of other major diseases."

YU MENGSUN Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering "Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes a holistic view that considers the human body as an open and complex system. So, TCM can address the needs of the human body. The development of traditional Chinese medicine must be modernized."