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Servitization of manufacturing in the new ICTs era: A survey on operations management

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Servitization of manufacturing has become one of the main pathways for transition and upgrade in the manufacturing industry. New information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cloud Computing have enabled the servitization of manufacturing in terms of value creation, resource management, and supply chain management. This study presents a comprehensive review on the servitization in operations management in the era of new ICTs. A new value chain framework is proposed under the business model that revolves around servitization, which showcases the new activities and ways of implementation in the era of new ICTs. The virtualization, configuration, and evaluation of integrated manufacturing and service resources are analyzed. In particular, the methods used in new ICT-supported resource management platforms are surveyed. Problems in the supply chain management in manufacturing services (including the selection of partners, as well as the coordination, planning, and scheduling among members) are presented. This study concludes with a discussion on state-of-the-art servitization in operations management in the era of new ICTs.