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Green Construction Development Strategy Research launched in Shanghai

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An online and onsite meeting held in Shanghai on August 8, 2022 marked the start of the "Green Construction Development Strategy Research", a key consulting project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE).


More than 40 experts and scholars attended the meeting, in which the project team introduced in detail the background and significance of the project, the research content and plan, the research basis, and the schedule. Based on the philosophy of green construction, the team planned to adopt a gradual and integrated approach while dividing the research into five subjects: the general framework, project filing, green design, green building, and coordination mechanism. The team also clarified the research plan of each subject, the leading and participating units, and the research schedule.


Noting the project has a reasonable division of tasks and a feasible implementation plan, experts at the meeting believed it to be of great significance to promote the development of green construction in China.


The project team will further focus on the problems, clarify the objectives, and improve the implementation according to the  opinions and suggestions of experts.