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CAE launches key research project on “engineering ecosystem”

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The Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) launched a strategic research and consulting project, “The Theory and Development Strategy of Engineering Ecosystem,” during a meeting in Beijing on April 26, attracting more than 20 experts and scholars.

The project team reported on the significance, theoretical studies and practices related to the "engineering ecosystem." In the view of experts, the project represents the continuation and expansion of a series of research on engineering philosophy conducted by the CAE’s Engineering Management Division, marking new exploration within the context of emerging situations in the new era.

Experts expressed hope that the team’s research will provide theoretical support in the domain of engineering philosophy and contribute to the pursuit of high-quality development in China's engineering sector.

The leading CAE member in the project emphasized that the "engineering ecosystem" research is still at a primary stage and highly exploratory so it requires diligent efforts to advance. The project team should fully consider the opinions and suggestions of CAE members and experts, and explore the connotation and interaction of technology, economy, nature, society and culture within the engineering ecosystem.