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Top-level International Forum on Engineering Science and Technology – Sino-Russian Major Diseases


Jul 23, 2021 -Jul 25, 2021



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The objective of this forum is to build an international exchange platform and further promote academic exchanges and cooperation in the field of medicine among China, Russia and other countries. Topics of the forum include progress in research fields such as genetic characteristics, pathogenesis, treatment research and translational medicine for major cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, heart failure, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, stroke and neurodegenerative diseases), diabetes, tumors and other diseases, as well as modern medical education. In addition, communication will be organized in fields such as precision medicine, cell and gene therapy, clinical transformation of genomic medicine, enteric microorganisms and human health. Oriented to key clinical scientific issues and with “precision” as the innovation-driven core, the event promotes interdisciplinary integration, explores frontier technologies in global life sciences and trends in future medical development, and facilitates the application of frontier theories in disease diagnosis and treatment technology.


In the spirit of innovation, standardization and scientific development, the forum will invite leading domestic and Russian experts to give special reports while well-known experts from the United States, Canada and Macau will give conference reports, discussing new achievements in medical research and providing a forward look at the development and future of medicine.


Beyond that, in-depth discussions on the pathogenesis of major diseases in China and Russia will be organized to look for new drug targets. This forum aims to adhere to both inheritance and innovation, combine basic and clinical medicine, open up new ideas, find new methods, and develop new technologies. The forum will help to implement to implement the health programs identified in the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Healthy China Initiative, and has important and far-reaching significance for the active development of early diagnosis in major diseases. It is also a major effort toward the establishment of effective prevention and control strategies,   development of new diagnosis and treatment models, and the development of new drugs and systems for preventing, controlling and curing the major diseases.