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358th China Engineering Science and Technology Forum focuses on green transformation of coal industry


Apr 21, 2023 -Apr 21, 2023



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Focusing on the green and low-carbon development of the coal industry, the 358th China Engineering Science and Technology Forum took place in Beijing on April 21, 2023.

Kang Hongpu, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), presided over the meeting with more than 400 participants from universities, research institutes and enterprises, including 15 members of the CAE’s Energy and Mining Engineering Division.

Kang said the new round of S&T revolution and industrial change is reshaping the global energy technology and supply structure, and the coal industry shoulders the important mission of securing China's energy supply and supporting new energy development. He noted that a key task of this forum was to explore pathways for green and low-carbon development within the coal industry and to address key issues in promoting the industry’s transformation and high-quality growth.

CAE member Zhou Shouwei stated that the academy has leveraged its cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary strengths to actively address challenges in the green transformation of the coal industry, the implementation of energy security strategy, and the achievement of dual carbon goal.

At the meeting, CAE members presented reports on various topics, including high-level S&T self-reliance in energy and mining, industrialization of CCUS (carbon capture, utilization and storage), advanced coal-fired power generation technologies, and the intelligent transformation of coal mines. Experts also exchanged ideas on topics, such as "green, safe and intelligent coal development" and "clean and efficient coal utilization."

The forum was livestreamed on Guangming Online (, Innovation China (, the Science Community of the China Association for Science and Technology (, and the Journal of China Coal Society (, attracting one million views.