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The Ninth Sino-American Symposium on Engineering Technology Held in Beijing

  • Published: May 25, 2012
  • Source: CAE
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The  Ninth Sino-American Symposium on Engineering Technology was held in the Great  Hall of the People, Beijing, on April 22, 2012. State Councilor Ma  Kai, also Secretary-General of the State Council, addressed the event. The  conference was also attended by Bai Yuliang, Secretary-General of the Chinese  Academy of Engineering (CAE), and leaders from relevant departments with the  State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the Ministry of Science and  Technology (MOST), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT),  Beijing Municipal People’s Government, Anhui Provincial People’s Government and  Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government. CAE Member Yuan Liang, Director-General  of the National  Engineering Research Center for Coal Gas Control, attended the  conference as the group leader of experts on the Chinese side. 

The Ninth  Sino-American Symposium on Engineering Technology was co-sponsored by CAE, the  State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, MOST, MIIT, Beijing Municipal  People’s Government, Anhui Provincial People’s Government, Jiangxi Provincial  People’s Government, as well as CIE/USA and American Society of Mechanical  Engineers (ASME), and lasted from April 15 to 22, 2012, in China. This event  witnessed the presence of more than 200 specialists from home and abroad in the  engineering science and technology sector.

The  symposium set five professional groups, with CAE Member Yuan Liang serving as  the group leader of experts on the Chinese side for mine management professional  group. From April 16 to 20, a total of 40 Chinese and American experts conducted  field studies in Huainan (the middle part of Anhui Province) and Huaibei (the  north Anhui Province) mining areas, Anhui Province, on projects such as coal  mine subsidence management, management and utilization of coal mine waste, and  so on. Experts also proposed that we should construct plain reservoirs by making  use of the mining subsidence areas in Huainan and Huaibei mining areas. This proposal  won approval at the plenary conference on April 21. (By Meng Jianbing, May 2012; translated by  Liu Chang)


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State  Councilor Stresses International Exchange




A senior Chinese  official on Sunday stressed that the Chinese government would continue to  implement the strategy of reinvigorating the country through science, education  and personnel training.

State Councilor Ma Kai said the country would strive to create an open environment for  international science and technology communication and continue to promote  international personnel exchange.

Ma  made the remarks at an ongoing Sino-U.S. symposium on engineering  technology.

He expressed appreciation to both Chinese and U.S.experts who contributed toChina's  technological innovation, industrial upgrade and social  development.

He hoped that the symposium would help boost bilateral exchanges in the  future.

More than 200 experts from both countries attended the symposium which was held from  April 15 to 22. (From Xinhua, April 22,  2012)