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CAE Executive Vice President Pan Yunhe Met with James M. Tien from NAE, USA

  • Published: Aug 25, 2011
  • Source: CAE
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CAE Executive Vice President Pan Yunhe, together with CAE Member Wu Cheng, met with Mr. James M. Tien, Member of NAE (National Academy of Engineering), USA, in VIP Room 122 of CAE office building on June 23, 2011. 

Pan first of all briefly introduced the general information and recent development of CAE, as well as major cooperative projects jointly carried out by CAE and NAE in recent years. Pan also pointed out that CAE had always been committed to strengthening exchanges and cooperation with various engineering science and technology organizations all over the world. And in July he would lead a delegation to attend the CAETS (Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences) Assembly in Mexico, and discuss extensively with other member nations over hot issues in fields like engineering education, engineering technology, etc. Pan also said that the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the National Academy of Engineering, USA had already established and enjoyed a friendly relationship. Both the China-America Frontier of Engineering Symposium and the China-US GNSS Symposium, both of which were held not long ago, have achieved fruitful results. And NAE President Vest’s visit to CAE in May 2011, contributed even more to a solid foundation for a very friendly and cooperative relationship between both sides in the future. In addition, Pan also gave a briefing of the structural composition of CAE to NAE Member Tien. 

NAE Member Tien said he was quite honored and pleased to come to the Chinese Academy of Engineering for a visit. Tien spoke highly of the achievements in exchanges and cooperation between Academies in the past, who also made comparisons between NAE and CAE in terms of New Member Election mechanism like the nomination process, specialized areas of candidates for election, the number of newly elected members each time, etc. Tien held that since both CAE and NAE have a common aspiration and appeal during their respective developments, this may well serve as both the premise for friendly cooperation, and guarantee for strengthened exchanges in the future between the two Academies. (By Yuan Min, July 2011; translated by Liu Chang)