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CAE President Zhou Ji Met with Prof. Baldev Raj, President of INAE

  • Published: Jul 23, 2011
  • Source: CAE
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CAE President Zhou Ji met with Prof. Baldev Raj, President of the Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) and his wife at CAE office building on June 9, 2011. As a matter of fact, both the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Indian National Academy of Engineering have attached great importance to collaboration with the other, and have long enjoyed sound relationship with the other. During the meeting, both sides introduced to each other basic information about both Academies and major work carried out lately respectively, who then reached the following agreements as to major cooperative endeavors in the future: 

First of all, with regard to the construction of digital libraries, both side should further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and hold workshops and symposiums jointly, joining hands with NAE (National Academy of Engineering, USA), aiming at extensive exchanges of experiences as well as making progress and advancement together. Second, as to energy issue, clean coal technology in particular, both sides extended their willingness to join hands and carry out joint research projects that are of strategic consulting significance in the future, as energy and environment are major issues facing both China and India, both being urgent problems to be addressed. CAE and INAE, according to Prof. Zhou and Prof. Baldev Raj, should organize more exchanges of personnel, experts and academicians, with the purpose of seeking better solutions to energy and environmental problems, dealing with major global challenges jointly. As to the engineering education issue, both sides promised to carry out in-depth discussion and strive for effective collaboration, adopting appropriate means, as both countries are rich in engineering technology personnel resources and put great stress on the improvement of engineering education quality and level. The fourth issue is about anniversary celebrations of both Academies. As INAE will usher in the 25th anniversary of its founding in April, 2012, and CAE will celebrate its 20th anniversary of establishment in year 2014, holding “International Engineering Science and Technology Conference” as well, both promised to give full support for the other’s anniversary celebration related events. 

Presidents of both Academies extended their conviction that the cooperation of CAE and INAE would be conductive to the development of engineering technology in both countries, as well as the friendship between both peoples. (By Kong Yaqing, June 2011; translated by Liu Chang)