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Prof. Somasundaran with Columbia University, also CAE Foreign Member, Paid His Visit to CAE

  • Published: Apr 28, 2011
  • Source: CAE
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Mr. Wang Dianzuo, former Vice President of CAE, met with Prof. Somasundaran with Columbia University, also CAE Foreign Member, in CAE office building on the afternoon of March 9, 2011. Both sides exchanges views as to strengthening the scientific and technological cooperation in mineral and metallurgical fields.


As a world famous green mining expert, Prof. Somasundaran pointed out that the USA is now very concerned about the development of carbon circular science and technology, and the promotion of new energy research and development. Therefore he hoped to strengthen collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Engineering in resources, environment as well as circular economy, especially the exchanges and cooperation in green mining industry. He hoped that the Columbia University Global Center (East Asia Beijing) built in Beijing in March 2009 would be taken as a research platform and base, with its objective focused on enhancing the links and exchanges between Columbia University and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, in order to facilitate both sides to cope with challenges brought about by globalization jointly.


CAE Member Wang Dianzuo expressed his warm welcome for Prof. Somasundaran’s visit, who also extended his hope to visit Columbia University some time and learn the advanced green mining, clean energy and low-carbon development technology. Wang also expressed his willingness to join hands with scientists and engineers coming from the USA, working together to address the energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as sustainable development issues. Besides, Wang said that he would actively support and participate in the 26th International Mineral Processing Conference that will be held in New Delhi, India in 2012. (By Zhu Yu, March 2011; translated by Liu Chang)