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CAE President Zhou Ji Met with Delegation of Swiss Academy of Engineering

  • Published: Nov 27, 2010
  • Source: CAE
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CAE President Zhou Ji met with Acade-mician Arthur Ruf, Chairperson of Foreign Af-fairs Committee of Swiss Academy of Engi-neering, Mr. Rolf Huegli, Secretary-General of the Academy, as well as Mr. Xaver Edelmann, Chairperson of the World Resources Forum in Davos in CAE building on September 16, 2010.

President Zhou gave a brief introduction to the delegation of three about the major advi-sory projects CAE has been engaged in and the joint efforts CAE has made with engineering scientific and technological institutions in other countries. On behalf of Swiss Academy of En-gineering, Prof. Arthur Ruf expressed willing-ness to carry out collaboration in science and technology fields with CAE, in the hope that further efforts and deeper cooperation should be made thus achieved by both sides in areas such as nano-technology, bio-technology, energy, industrial technology as well as educa-tion.

Mr. Xaver Edelmann, Chairperson of the World Resources Forum in Davos, gave a briefing about the preparation made for the 2011 World Resources Forum in Davos, who also summarized the accomplishments achieved by the 2009 Forum. President Zhou sang high praise for the positive role the World Resources Forum in Davos had played in addressing energy crisis worldwide, saying that CAE would support the Forum and actively select experts in relevant fields to attend the Forum.

(By Gao Weiguo and Zhu Yu, October, 2010; translated by Liu Chang)