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Honorary Chairman Xu Kuangdi Met with Press Group with China US Exchange Foundation

  • Published: Oct 18, 2010
  • Source: CAE
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Prof. Xu Kuangdi, Honorary Chairman of CAE met with the Press Group with China US Exchange Foundation on September 1, 2010. Xu extended his warm welcome to the delegation and answered questions raised by the delegates with regard to new energy, hightech, urban construction, patent rights protection, medical insurance policy for rural migrant workers in cities, education of their children, energy conservation and emission reduction, unbalanced development of the western and the eastern part of China. Xu also said that China has established closer ties and deeper friendship with people across the globe and people all over the world have also had a better understanding of China, after Beijing Olympic Games being successfully held in China in 2008. Delegates from the United States expressed their gratitude for Xu’s hospitality and their willingness to make efforts and contribution for the SinoUS friendship after they go back home. Members of the delegation are John Arundel, Vice Chairperson of Washington Monthly, Eleanor Clift, Editor with News Weekly, Juliet Eilperin, journalist on national environment with Washington Post, John Pomfret, correspondent with Washington Post and chief editor with Outlook section, Zaahira Wyne, director of China Exploration Program with American Society for Education, and Mr. Bi Yongli with China US Exchange Foundation, Hong Kong. Vice Chairperson of Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs Mr. Chen Wenlong and Mr. Liang Yongxin with the same institute also presented the meeting.

(By Zhu Yu, September 2010; translated by Liu Chang)