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The Tenth International Conference on Cosmetic Dermatology Held in Shenyang

  • Published: Aug 25, 2011
  • Source: CAE
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The Tenth International Conference on Cosmetic Dermatology was held in Shenyang from May 30th to June 1st, 2011. The conference was hosted by the ISCD (International Society of Cosmetic Dermatology), organized by China Medical University, and co-sponsored by the Medicine and Health Academic Division of CAE and Chinese Medical Association. Professor Gao Xinghua acted as the Chairman on the Eastern side, while Mr. Salvatore Mancuso Chairman on the Western side of the conference. CAE Member Chen Hongduo, together with Zhang Xuejun, President of Anhui Medical University, and Zhao Qun, President of China Medical University, acted as the Honorary Chairmen of the conference. Liu Yanfei, Vice Chairman of Chinese Medical Association, CAE Members Yang Shengli, Wang Zhengguo, and Liao Wanqing were invited to attend the conference. More than 40 top-level experts in the field of cosmetic dermatology from the United States, Italy, Korea, Brazil, Singapore, and Taiwan of China, among other countries and regions, presented their reports in the conference. The conference enjoyed high level and large scale, which was attended by a total of more than 600 participants.

Four sub-conferences were held simultaneously in Chinese or English, covering all kinds of topics regarding the latest advances in the field of cosmetic dermatology: Some examples of topics covered in the sub-conferences are: the latest technologies and newest materials in cosmetic dermatology; new concepts in the field of cosmetic dermatology; anti-aging and skin rejuvenation; new achievements in dermatologic surgery; new achievements in light aging; photodynamic therapy; laser therapy on pigmentation diseases; pollution, oxidative stress and antioxidants; skin imaging and skin bioengineering; laser therapy on vascular diseases; special reports on acne and rosacea; non-laser therapy cosmetology; traditional Chinese medicine and beauty care; special reports on laser rejuvenation; hair related beauty problems; pigment disorders; complications and defects of cosmetic dermatology; beauty and health from inside out; new achievements of cosmetic dermatology in Taiwan; comprehensive treatment on scar, and so on. 

Experts introduced advanced technologies, treatment concepts, development trends and characteristics of various fields, and generously shared experiences from their own perspectives. As a matter of fact, participating experts and scholars from various fields gathered together and took part in lively discussions as to the content of the conference and their respective professional topics. As a result, the conference worked out beautifully just as scheduled and planned, and all procedures put on the agenda beforehand were completed successfully.

After the conference, a number of multinational and domestic companies took advantage of this international exchange platform and held some Satellite Symposiums, introducing the application experience and treatment progress of their products. Meanwhile, manufacturers of these industries organized exhibitions, which helped to provide platforms of exchanges and cooperation for cosmetic dermatology professionals, beauty equipment manufacturers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

This conference offered a good platform of exchanges and learning for China’s professionals specialized in general dermatology, plastic surgery, laser surgery, cosmetology, and other related areas, and strengthened the communication and bonding between domestic doctors and international authorities in this field, thus made it easier for cutting-edge and frontier knowledge in this field to be grasped, which will become a useful addition and guidance for the future clinical work. It will also help to improve the professional development in this field in China, and promote the professional development in this field globally, so as to benefit more patients in the world. (By Luo Yaojia, July 2011; translated by Liu Chang)