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Joint Speech by ICEE and WFEO at the International Conference on Innovation of Engineering Education

  • Published: Nov 27, 2021
  • Source: ICEE
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On November 10-11, 2021, the “2021 International Conference on Innovation of Engineering Education” sponsored by the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education (CIEE), Batangas State University in Philippines took place online. Themed with “Innovation Today towards the Engineering Mindset of the Future”, “Quality Assurance in Engineering Education”, “Inclusion and Diversity in Engineering Education”, “Matching Future-Fit Engineering Education with the CDIO Framework”, “Teaching and Learning in the New Normal: Best Practices in Southeast Asia”, “Innovation of Engineering Education for the Future Universities”.

Joint speech by ICEE and WFEO

Invited by the CIEE, Professor GONG Ke, President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), and Dr. XU Lihui from International Centre for Engineering Education under the auspices of UNESCO (ICEE) delivered a joint speech titled “The Continuing Role of Engineering Education in the Attainment of the SDGs: UNESCO Engineering Report 2020”during the presentations.

Speech by Prof. GONG Ke, President of WFEO

The joint speech started with an introduction to the purpose, vision and mission of the foundation of WFEO and ICEE, the background of UNESCO Engineering Report, as well as the main structure, contents and suggestions of the second Engineering Report. The speech also included a detailed introduction to the four highlights of the engineering report, including overall attainment of SGDs, self-focusing on innovation and transformation, capacity building as a continuous process, and recognizing regional particularity while promoting inter-regional cooperation.

Speech by Dr. XU Lihui from ICEE

In the opinion of Batangas State University, with the development of engineering, engineering education must move forward. Innovation is essential to the future of economy, society and environment. Necessary cooperation and investment at local and global levels must be encouraged vigorously so as to achieve the 2030 SDGs. This conference aims to stimulate academic discussions and converge directions and views, and, more importantly, to become a platform for sharing expertise, best practice and experience to help the academia, industry, communities and governments participate proactively in the building of the country and the world.

Nearly 600 experts and scholars, including Prof. Sheryl Sorby, Immediate Past President of American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), Prof. Sarah Ann Rajala, At-Large Director of Accreditation Board for Engineer and Technology (ABET), co-director of CDIO scheme, president of Batangas State University, as well as over 600 experts and scholars including those from the Asian Society for Engineering Education (AsiaSEE) and universities in Singapore, Myanmar and other countries were invited to participate in the symposium.

(Edited by: XU Lihui Reviewed by: WANG Sunyu)