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First Practical Training Activity of ICEE Base of Future Science and Technology Education Concluded

  • Published: Sep 26, 2022
  • Source: ICEE
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August 30, 2022, the first activity of the High-level Talent Professional Background Enhancement Training Program hosted by the Base of Future Science and Technology Education (the Base) of ICEE was concluded. 101 students participated in the first training event. About 40% of them were Chinese university students studying abroad, including Cornell University, University of Toronto, University College London, and University of Melbourne, etc; about 30% were undergraduates from key domestic universities, including Tsinghua University, Nankai University, and Zhejiang University, etc. Based on the principle of commonweal, the training standard of being stringent in both admission and graduation, as well as the project requirements featuring a high starting point and international operation, the Base matched professional tutors to the trainees in a one-to-one way to offer whole-process guidance and real-time evaluation to the trainees. As a result, the practical training will positively affect the trainees career and academic development in the future. 

ICEE Base of Future Science and Technology Education

Under the academic guidance of ICEE, the Base  prepared, demonstrated and discussed many times. After three months, the practical training program focuses on computer technology, artificial intelligence, big data, teaching product design, convergence media, educational policy research, and other fields, and then starts  4-12 weeks practical training for trainees According to the characteristics and methods of practical teaching, the trainees' performance was assessed in many aspects, including professional qualifications, working attitude, working content, working achievements, attendance, etc. The trainees who passed the assessment strengthened their will to overcome difficulties, acquired the work skills and project experience required in their future careers, and finally obtained a training certificate.

Under the guidance of ICEE, the Base has held many commonweal programs, such as the STEAM Study Camp of Singaporean Secondary Schools, Study Camp for Future Engineers, APAR Asia-Pacific Adolescent Science & Technology Innovation Contest, and Digital Talent Training. In addition, the Base has always actively explored new approaches that combine international engineering education with technological innovation, vocational and technical education, online education, and youth green education.

(Edited by LI Chao; Reviewed by SHEN Ye, XU Lihui)