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Guiyang Hi-Tech Zone focuses on talent introduction

  • Published: Mar 28, 2013
  • Source: CAE
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Talented professionals play a significant role in economic and social development. In order to introduce talents, Guiyang has implemented a policy to "widen the channel of talent introduction and optimize the environment to keep talent".

Acknowledging that "talents are key resources for development" and making talent attraction a top priority, the Guiyang Hi-Tech Zone initiated three key projects for talent selection, talent diversification and environmental optimization in 2012. A good atmosphere for talent training and encouragement has been formed.

The hi-tech zone mainly introduces leading talents in scientific and technological fields, high-end industries, innovation, and new energy and materials to lead the progress and development of industries in Guiyang.

"We hope to introduce talents who can benefit mutually with Guizhou," said Huang Ruizhang, a talent among the first group of talents who have been introduced to Guiyang.

The hi-tech zone places great emphasis on environmental construction to provide better conditions to attract talent. The Guiyang Youth Cultural Innovation Industry Garden, Guiyang Hi-Tech Industry Service Center and National Digital Industry Garden were established for talents to do research and start businesses.

In addition, the zone also provides talents with comfortable accommodations, purchasing 40 apartments with domestic appliances for the high-level talents to live in.

Although Guizhou is not a developed area compared with areas in East China, it has tremendous opportunities. The local government department pays great attention to talent introduction and training, said Huang Ruizhang.

Currently, the region has 56,100 high-tech employees and 52,020 talents in various fields, including three academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, eight academicians from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 242 people with PhDs and 433 holding master's degrees.

This year, the Guiyang Hi-Tech Zone will concentrate on the establishment of a talent system according to the various needs of development in the fields of new energy and materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, new digital information, biological medicine and photoelectricity. 

(From China Daily, 2013-03-26)