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CAE, Hunan Province Strengthen Innovation Cooperation

  • Published: Dec 30, 2019
  • Source: CAE
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The Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government pledged on December 26, 2019 to strengthen cooperation in driving innovation.


CAE President Li Xiaohong and Xu Dazhe, Governor of Hunan Province witnessed the signing of a new S&T innovation cooperation agreement in Changsha.


The event also unveiled  the China Engineering Science and Technology Joint Innovation Centre-Hunan Industrial Innovation Centre along with CAE Member Consultation Forum. Professor Jiang Chao from Hunan University made a report on the planning for the Innovation Centre, and CAE members put forward some opinions and suggestions.


Li said that the Innovation Centre is a new initiative for the reform and innovation of cooperation between the CAE and local governments, and a new model for government-industry-university-research-application collaboration. He also stressed that the CAE would actively support the construction of the Innovation Centre.


He also made six suggestions on the Innovation Centre’s development, such as building a strong team of CAE members, holding collaborative researches, and supporting private enterprises and rural revitalization.


Participants of the meeting also included Zhong Zhihua, Vice President of the CAE and CAE members He Jishan, Yin Zeyong and Ding Rongjun.