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CAE Member Liu Zhonghua Guides the Development of Tea Industry in Lancang

  • Published: Apr 23, 2021
  • Source: CAE
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In order to help the revitalization of the Lancang countryside, relevant activities are carried out continuously. Liu Zhonghua, CAE Member of the Academic Division of Agriculture and professor of Hunan Agricultural University, went to Lancang to conduct a study tour and guide the development of the Pu’er tea industry from April 14 to 16, 2021. CAE Member Liu Zhonghua and his team visited Lancang Ancient Tea and Bolian Puer Company successively, inspected the core area of Dapingzhang, an ancient tea forest in Jingmai Mountain, visited the Lancang County Tea Association Exhibition Centre and had in-depth discussions with representatives of some tea enterprises and cooperative leaders. Liu believed that the Lancang tea industry had a good foundation and had obvious advantages at the planting and resource ends. In particular, the Jingmai Mountain ancient tree tea was well-known, but the resource advantages had not yet been transformed into quality, brand and profit. He pointed out that it was necessary to scientifically and rationally protect the existing ancient tree tea, and beware of resource depletion caused by over-exploitation. He also mentioned that the standardised and large-scale tableland tea should be taken seriously, and it was not appropriate to over-speculate ancient tree tea, but to make efforts to improve the quality of tea from the aspect of processing technology. Besides, he stressed that the regional public brand of Lancang tea should be built industriously, so as to cultivate leading enterprise clusters, and a reasonable category structure and price system should be developed with “Jingmai Mountain Ancient Tree Tea” as the benchmark. In addition, he suggested that a steering group should be established for the development of the tea industry in Lancang County to gather resources from across the county to fully train talents on the planting, processing and marketing ends, and to train local enterprises to learn how to make products and brands, to turn agricultural products into cultural and branded products, and to double the scale of the tea industry and its profit, so as to revitalise the countryside.

During his stay in Lancang, Liu Zhonghua also accompanied CAE President Li Xiaohong and Vice President Deng Xiuxin to inspect the construction of Lancangs modern agricultural and rural revitalisation demonstration park and Angel yeast industrialization project. Besides, Liu attended the commencement of the skill training class by CAE Members and the rural revitalisation meeting.

(He Zhaohui)