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Inauguration of the Consulting Project “Sustainable Management Strategy Research Based On 2035 Forest Fire Prevention and Bamboo Forest for Pandas” Held in Nanjing

  • Published: Mar 16, 2021
  • Source: CAE
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The key consulting project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), “Sustainable Management Strategy Research Based On 2035 Forest Fire Prevention and Bamboo Forest for Pandas” kick-off meeting was held in Nanjing on March 15, 2021. CAE Member Cao Fuliang presided over the meeting, and the relevant staff of the Academic Division of Agriculture and the project team (more than 30 people) attended the launch meeting.


The project team reported on the research content, organizational framework, research plan and expected outcomes, research difficulties and key points of the project. Cao elaborated on the research background, significance and research methods of the project in combination with the ecological development and the Beautiful China Initiative.

The meeting pointed out that the implementation of this project was of great strategic significance to promote the modernization of the forest fire management system and management capacity, and to maintain the biodiversity and ecological integrity of the panda nature reserve. The meeting requested that in the project development process, each research group should be closely linked to form an organic integrity, and on the basis of making full use of existing research results, the systematic research should be strengthened, research ideas should be  broader, and the strategic characteristics of consulting projects should be highlighted. In addition to that, the meeting also stressed that the national macro strategic needs should be closely integrated with the industry development strategy, so as to form the expected results of the subject research, and successfully complete the subject research tasks.