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The 8th Guanghua EST Prize Awarded in Beijing

  • Published: Jun 11, 2010
  • Source: CAE
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The 8th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Awards prize-giving ceremony was held in Beijing Conference Center on June 9, 2010.  State councilor Madam Liu Yandong, Mr. Xu Kuangdi, President of CAE and Mr. Lu Yongxiang, President of CAS presented at the ceremony.

Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Awards are administered and implemented by CAE and sponsored by means of individual donation at home and abroad. The objective of setting up this award is to reward Chinese engineers and scientists with outstanding achievements in the fields of engineering S & T and management, in order to inspire and motivate more initiative and enthusiasm for innovation in their work.

Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Awards consist of three awards, namely “Achievement Award”, “Engineering Award” and “Youth Award”, which were issued biennially. The Guanghua Awards have been issued eight times after its inauguration and a total of 148 experts specialized in engineering science and technology received the honor. The Awards have produced far-reaching influence in a positive manner in engineering S & T circle and the society. 

The 8th Guanghua EST Awards were issued to 27 academicians and specialists in total, with no “Achievement Award” being conferred. The following are 16 “Engineering Award” winners. They are:

Tian Hongqi

Tian Hongqi (Born in December, 1959)
Specialist in Train Aerodynamics and Safety Engineering

Zhang Guitian

Zhang Guitian (Born in December, 1931)
Specialist in Liquid Rocket Engine

Lu Jun

Lu Jun (Born in November, 1964)
Specialist in Complicated Information System

Yu Shaohua

Yu Shaohua (Born in September, 1962)
Specialist in Packet Transport Network

Li Wei

Li Wei (Born in December, 1957)
Specialist in Magnetic Materials

Zhu Jianxun

Zhu Jianxun (Born in July, 1960)
Specialist in Preform Design & Manufacture

Su Yinao

Su Yinao (Born in July, 1949)
Specialist in Oil & Gas Drilling Engineering

Yang Chunhe

Yang Chunhe (Born in January, 1962)
Specialist in Rock Mechanics

Chen Houqun

Chen Houqun (Born in May, 1932)
Specialist in Hydraulic Structures and Earthquake Engineering

He Jingtang

He Jingtang (Born in April, 1938)
Specialist in Architecture

Guo Dasheng

Guo Dasheng (Born in July, 1939)
Expert in Fiber Material Science and Chemical Fiber Engineering

Wei Fusheng

Wei Fusheng (Born in November, 1938)
Environmental Chemist

He Zhonghu

He Zhonghu (Born in July, 1963)
Specialist in Wheat Breeding

Shen Guofang

Shen Guofang (Born in November, 1933)
Specialist in Forest Cultivation

Sheng Zhiyong

Sheng Zhiyong (Born in July, 1920)
Specialist in Burn Surgery

Peng Shou

Peng Shou (Born in August, 1960)
Specialist in Inorganic Materials Engineering



The following are 11 “Youth Award” winners. They are:

Fu Mengyin

Fu Mengyin (Born in November, 1964)
Specialist in Navigation, Guide and Control

Zeng Yuansong

Zeng Yuansong (Born in May, 1971)
Specialist in Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology

Wang Jian

Wang Jian (Born in October, 1970)
Specialist in Analytical Instruments

Wang Wei

Wang Wei (Born in October, 1966)
Specialist in Navigation Guidance and Control

Mao Xinping

Mao Xinping (Born in June, 1965)
Specialist in Thin Slab Casting and Direct Rolling Technology and Advanced Steel

Kang Hongpu

Kang Hongpu (Born in November, 1965)
Specialist in Mining Engineering

Kuang Jun

Kuang Jun (Born in July, 1964)
Specialist in Oil and Gas Reservoirs Exploration

Dai Huichao

Dai Huichao (Born in January, 1965)
Specialist in Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering

Bai Mindong

Bai Mindong (Born in May, 1965)
Specialist in Oceanic Pollution Treatment

Xia Qingyou

Xia Qingyou (Born in June, 1965)
Specialist in Sericulture and Genomics

Shang Yongfeng

Shang Yongfeng (Born in June, 1964)
Molecular Biologist