International Cooperation

Networking / Partnership


Former President of the Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada Visits CAE Jan 26, 2019

CAE Holds the 6th China Frontiers of Engineering Symposium for Junior Engineers Dec 29, 2018

China to share satellite resources with Belt and Road countries Sep 13, 2017

CAE Vice President Xie Kechang Met with Vice President of IVA, Sweden Jul 25, 2013

The Second Sino-French Symposium on Transdisciplinary Infectious Diseases Held in Wuhan Dec 25, 2012

German Experts Attended Sino-German Smart City Workshop in Ningbo Oct 25, 2012

2012 Sino-American Symposium on Clinical and Translation Medicine Held in Shanghai Aug 25, 2012

Pan Yunhe Led a Delegation to Attend EA-RTM in South Korea Dec 25, 2011

CAE Vice President Xu Rigan Attended Opening Ceremony of 8th China-Russia-Mongolia Science and Technology Expo and High-Tech Products Trade Fair Aug 25, 2011

The Sixth General Council of UNAPCAEM Held in Bangkok, Thailand Jun 24, 2011

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