International Cooperation


China's Alipay introduced to Finland's biggest department store Sep 7, 2017

UNESCO int'l center for engineering education unveiled in Beijing Jun 16, 2016

China, Russia launch joint research center on superconducting protons Dec 29, 2015

Feature: China-US academic exchange flourishes over 35 years Jul 24, 2014

Engineering for you video contest Dec 11, 2013

Delegation Headed by Vice President Xie Kechang attended Smart Grid Symposium Held by Four Leading Science and Engineering Academies Aug 25, 2013

Delegation Led by Executive Vice President Pan Yunhe Visited Russia Aug 25, 2013

Australia-China scientific collaboration productive Aug 19, 2013

CAE and NAE Leaders Conducted Bilateral Talk Jul 25, 2013

CAE Vice President Xie Kechang Met with Vice President of IVA, Sweden Jul 25, 2013

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